Please feel free to use any of the following photos for either the promotion of events or work involving Andrew. They have been provided by their respective photographers to be distributed freely, provided that full credit is clearly displayed where they are published.

Photos from Bright Club May 2013

Bright Club Bright Club

Photos by Gemma Moore

Photos by Jamie Smith


Feeding the World 2013

Take 1...minute for chemistry in health

RSC video competition on the topic of 'How does chemistry keep us healthy'.

Food is one of the most basic health requirements and amazingly one third of the world's population's food supply is sustained by a single chemical reaction. The factories that use that reaction to make fertiliser, however, use up a huge amount on energy, so is there a way to keep feeding the world without using up natural resources?

Famelab 2012

Andrew's entries in the FameLab heat and final held at the Science Centre in Oxford 2011.